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PPGPL Commemorates 29th Year of Production

PPGPL marks its 29th anniversary of production with hope for humanity to continue working together to fight the global coronavirus pandemic. In the twenty-nine years that the organization has been in operation, one of the tenets of its corporate social responsibility program, has been humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Never before has the company had to participate in responding to a crisis of such global proportion. And so, in the midst of its milestone business achievement, President, Dominic Rampersad reconfirmed the company’s commitment to sustainability, and in particular to strengthening national contribution.

As a member of the NGC Group of Companies, PPGPL has supported the local health care system by contributing financially to the production of face masks and the supply of medical equipment, all in an effort to manage and contain the spread of this virus within Trinidad and Tobago’s borders. And as customary, PPGPL’s employees have generously donated to provide 120 food hampers to needy families within the company’s fence line communities and beyond.

While the company extended its reach to the national community, its first priority in managing this crisis was the health and wellbeing of its employees, who for almost three decades contributed immensely to the company’s success. PPGPL, which has a proven culture of safety, focused on maintaining a safe work environment for its employees and contractors, by establishing strict protocols from the early stages. Recognizing its national responsibility, PPGPL’s employees responded with unwavering commitment to maintain uptime at its plant facilities, ensuring that NGLs were available for sale locally, regionally and internationally and that its revenue stream continued.

The first half of 2020 has seen decline in revenues for the energy sector, exacerbated by the lockdowns due to Covid-19. Notwithstanding these grave realities, PPGPL is positioned to continue on its international growth path through the work of its subsidiary- Phoenix Park Energy Marketing LLC, an NGLs marketing business based in Houston and, regionally by securing new opportunities for development.

PPGPL congratulates employees for their strength and steadfastness during this time and encourages them to continue looking forward to the company’s bright future. 


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